Allied Aviation History at LGA:

LGATower In 1971, LaGuardia Airport managed and operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, constructed a new jet fuel storage facility at the airport to replace several underground tank farms. The airport volume was increasing and there was a need for a much larger facility to accommodate current and future demands. That new facility was ten times the size of the older facility. Allied Services provided the funding for this project and lease the facility on behalf of a consortium of airlines.

LGATankThe new facility was supplied by pipeline in an effort to meet the growing demand at the airport. LaGuardia is the smallest of the New York area's three primary commercial airports. In spite of the airport's small size, wide-body aircraft once visited regularly. LaGuardia is now served by over 25 airlines operating small commuter aircraft all the way up to a Boeing 767.

LGAFuelingAllied continues to supply management and operation of the only jet fuel storage facility at the airport. In addition, Allied supplies into-plane refueling services to several major airlines at LaGuardia.

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