Allied Aviation History at STL:

STLFueling Allied Aviation has been providing professional fueling services at Lambert/St. Louis International Airport since 1955, long before Lambert Field was known as an International Airport. These services consist of aircraft refueling, tank farm management, GSE fueling, and equipment maintenance.

STLStationWorking closely with the airline carriers, our relationship took a giant step forward in 1958 with the opening of Phase One of the present fuel storage facility and hydrant system. Phase Two of the storage facility, opened in 1960, and a major expansion of the field hydrant system took place in 1975. In 1982, the hydrant system was again greatly expanded to meet the demands of the growing airport. This third major expansion of the facility was completed in 1985. A storage facility control building along with a state of the art electronic control system, a six position three island transport unloading facility, a complete into-plane fueling operation control, an administration building, and a fueling equipment maintenance building all were included in the 1985 expansion. The 1985 expansion brought the facility to its present configuration.

LGAStation2Allied Aviation played a vital role in all of the aforementioned expansions of the St. Louis Fuel Storage Facility and Hydrant system. By assisting in design, finance, maintenance and operation of the facility throughout its 52-year relationship with the St. Louis Airport.

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