Allied Aviation History at YDF:

YDF Fuel Airconsol Aviation Services, ULC established its ground handling and into-plane fuelling operation in 1994. Since that time, our customer base has grown with the airport and services expanded to include ramp & cargo handling, de-icing/anti-icing, passenger services, commissary and into-plane fuelling. The Company’s full range of aviation services and expertise make it a logical choice for airline customers using the facility. Airconsol has continued to grow and expand with the airport as we have invested in new equipment and airport infrastructure to handle the increase in activity.

YQY Fueling Deer Lake Airport is situated on the West Coast in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The initial runway, a 4,000 foot gravel strip opened in 1955, followed by a terminal building in 1963. From these humble beginnings, Deer Lake airport is now one of Canada’s leading airports in terms of growth. In 2007 the airport expanded the terminal facility to offer the latest amenities and plans are underway to extend its runway to accommodate larger aircraft.

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