Allied Aviation History at YQX:

YQYGlobe Since 1948 Allied Aviation has provided various airport services to Gander International Airport. Allied provides Passenger services, Cargo handling, aircraft de-icing, flight operations and flight planning. Gander is a critical location for all flights between North America and Europe. Because of its unique geographical location, Gander can always be called upon for flight diversions for a myriad of reasons. Allied is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle these emergencies as they arise.

YQY Fueling In 1936, it was decided that an airport must be constructed in Newfoundland in anticipation of transatlantic flight. Aircraft that were attempting to cross the Atlantic needed a place to stop for fuel. A wooded area in central NL was chosen due to its location on a high, level plateau, nearby lake and good weather. Construction began immediately and the Newfoundland Airport was completed in 1938 and with its four runways, the airport was the largest on the planet. With the airport came a town known as Gander.

The airport was built just in time to serve as a key location for the Royal Air Force, Canadian Air Force and United States Air Force during the Second World War. Soon after the war, commercial airlines began offering transatlantic flights making Gander’s services crucial. Gander very quickly became know as Crossroads of the World. With traffic increasing steadily, Allied Aviation saw an opportunity to meet the ground handling needs of all the international airlines at Gander. Not only did Allied Aviation provide all ground handling & passenger services, but also de-icing /anti-icing and aircraft maintenance.

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