Allied Aviation History at YYZ:

City of Toronto Toronto’s Pearson International Airport received its official license to operate as an aerodrome facility in 1939. It open and operated under Malton Airport until 1984 when it was officially named Lester B. Pearson International Airport.

YYZFueling The Traffic at Pearson has continued to grow throughout the years and in 1989 the airport once again went through an expansion, opening Terminal III. Allied once again worked in concert with the Airport Authority and the airlines to increase current Airport storage by almost another 100%. And an additional 70 aircraft gate positions and associated piping.

YYZTankAllied’s tank farm operation was singled out by the federal Aviation Administration at its Annual Safety Conference in heresy, PA in March 1987, with the prestigious FAA/DOT Safety Award never before or since given to anyone outside the Department of Transportation. In addition, Allied has been consistently cited by airport, airline and FAA quality assurance representatives for the outstanding performance in tank farm operation and quality control efforts.

In 1996 the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) under took the task of modernizing the aging Airport Terminal buildings and increasing the number of runways. The many projects have been on going, Allied has worked hand in hand with the GTAA on all projects involving the abandonment of the pipelines and the installation of the new pipeline and the optimum location of the aircraft parking. The GTAA has completely changed the configuration of the Airport Terminal. The 4.4 billion dollar project has earned Pearson Airport the award of the “Best Global Airport 2006”.

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