TPC (Tampa Pipeline Corporation) operates petroleum pipelines at the following locations:

  • St. Louis Pipeline Operating, LLC: Operates and maintains a 22 mile pipeline that supplies Jet-A aviation turbine fuel to Lambert International Airport.
  • Illinois Petroleum Supply Operating, LLC:  Provides custom receipt, storage and quality control of Jet-A aviation turbine fuel for two major airlines servicing Lambert International Airport.
  • Illinois Pipeline Operating, LLC: Maintains and operates a custom tank truck receipt, storage, and issue facility located in Mascoutah, Illinois supplying Mid America St. Louis Airport with Jet-A aviation turbine fuel and Aviation gasoline 100LL.
  • Tampa Airport Pipeline Corporation: Supplies Jet-A aviation turbine fuel to Tampa International Airport.
  • Idaho Pipeline Corporation:  Maintains and operates a custom receipt, storage, and transfer facility that provides JP-8 Military Grade aviation fuel for Defense Energy Supply Center and the Idaho Air National Guard.
  • Tampa Bay Pipeline Corporation: Transports anhydrous ammonia to 3 major plants serving an integral part of Florida's fertilizer industry. Additionally, we provide transportation service to TECO Power Company where anhydrous ammonia is utilized for emissions control purposes.
  •  The Pipelines of Puerto Rico: Maintains and operates a custom transfer facility that provides Jet-A aviation turbine fuel to Luis Marin International Airport through a 12 mile underground pipe system.

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