General Manager:
Responsible for the overall management and execution of the fueling service which Allied will provide at any particular airport. These duties include the planning and the overseeing of the into-plane fueling operations, fuel storage and distribution system, equipment maintenance, GSE operation, and any auxiliary services that may be a part of the contract. Monitor and direct the location’s operations, maintenance, accounting and purchasing activities. Act as the primary interface with the management team for the airlines, Airport Authorities, City Department of Aviation, or any other customers at the local and corporate levels. They will assist the corporate HR and Operations department with preparing labor negotiation strategies. The GM would be responsible for preparing and ensuring adherence to the annual budgets. In addition, they would be responsible for the maintenance and updating of the company’s Federal, State, Local and airport environmental plans, as well as the company’s overall safety training and OSHA programs.

Administrative Manager:
Reports directly to the General Manager and is responsible for all administrative, bookkeeping and accounting functions. They will be responsible for budget entries and revue billing. In addition, they will oversee the hiring and processing of all union personnel. Acts as the primary interface with the local Airport Authority in processing personnel for restricted area access. Responsible for all employee records and administration of workers;’ compensation, employee medical and insurance matters. They will also interface with workers’ compensation carriers and the Corporate Human Resources Department of Allied Aviation. Oversee the payroll function, maintain personnel records and account and distribute all paychecks to each department when received.

Accounting Clerk(s):
Report directly to the Administration Manager and perform data entry functions in line with daily inventory control procedures, prepare fueling reports and ensure accountability. Perform all payroll data entry functions for weekly transmittal to Allied corporate. Maintain employee attendance records and enter all accounts payable invoices. In addition, they will maintain all of the required records for the above mentioned functions.

Operations Manager:
Reports directly to the General Manager and is responsible for the day-to-day management of all aircraft fueling personnel and operations, including recruitment, screening, hiring, and staffing of full-time, part-time fuelers, and fueling supervisors. In addition, they will schedule manpower needs, ensure fueling safety and quality control measures, comply with regulatory and airline regulations, and act as the liaison for day-to-day airline and union activities. Assist the General Manager in formulating labor negotiations and strategies, as well as ensure compliance with all FAA, airline and local rules and regulations.

Duty Manager(s):
Reports directly to the Operations Manager and is responsible for overseeing of the daily into-plane operation including manpower, staffing and discipline. He is the primary contact for the airlines for any problems or issues that may occur during his shift and for the all other areas of the operation during the off hours. This individual will organize and safety meetings and assist the Operations manager with any other requests.

Safety & Training Manager:
Reports directly to Operations Manager and is responsible for the coordination of the indoctrination and training of all personnel. They will be responsible for the scheduling and activities of all trainees and will maintain all training records and airline fueling manuals. The manager’s primary interface for allied with airlines, FAA and local operations personnel who review training, procedures, safety, quality control, equipment maintenance, and record keeping. They will act as the primary disciplinary officer. In addition, they will be responsible for developing and administering the company/union safety programs and overseeing the annual recurrent training program for all airlines.

Safety & Training Instructor(s):
Reports directly to the Safety & Training Manager and is responsible for training new employees and recurrent training for all current employees. They will also be responsible for recurrent training of all personnel to ensure that all employees are current with all requirements, regarding fueling and safety.

Operations Supervisor(s):
Reports directly to the Duty Manager and are responsible for coordinating the activities of the lead fuelers and fuelers in performing all into-plane and GSE fueling services. They are the primary interface with airlines shift managmenet and the Allied duty manager. They are mobile arm of the operation, responsible for disseminating the instructions to fueling personnel and monitoring their activities to ensure that all flights are fueled in a safe and timely manner. They make spot assignment changes to optimize manpower and equipment utilization in an ever-changing workflow. Ensure that all personnel are complying with ATA 103, OSHA procedures and airline regulations. They are also responsible for ticket accountability for their shifts and account and distribute all paychecks when received.

Fueling Coordinators/Dispatch:
Reports directly to the Duty Manager and is responsible for coordinating aircraft fuel requirements, with supervisors, lead fuelers and or fuelers for optimizing efficient utilization of assets and personnel, updates airline scheduling data, and generates individual aircraft load slips as required.

Maintenance/Tank Farm Manager:
Reports directly to the General Manager and is responsible for the day-to-day management of maintenance personnel, fueling vehicles, and tank farm/fuel system operation, personnel, and maintenance supervisors, PMQC (Preventive maintenance and Quality Control) of fueling assets, procurement of all Into-Plane and Tank Farm replacement parts, manpower scheduling of the tank farm and maintenance employees, vehicle safety, compliance to regulatory and airline specifications, produce quality control, and maintenance records.

Control/Tank Farm Supervisor(s):
Reports directly to the Maintenance and Operations Manager and is responsible for the receipt and dispensing fuel in the tank farm, maintaining the day-to-day staffing for fueling operations. Schedules pipeline receipts and fuel system distribution. Maintains proper operations fuel levels in all tanks and interacts with pipeline personnel. In addition, they are responsible for product quality through continuous monitoring and testing. They are the point of contact for all fueling operations and line personnel.

Environmental Coordinator:
Reports directly to Maintenance/Tank Farm Manager and is responsible for all environmental activity. They act as a liaison with the airport and environmental regulatory authorities to insure compliance with all applicable regulations. Additionally, he is responsible for all maintenance training and record keeping.

Inventory Control & Analysis Supervisor:
Reports directly to the Maintenance/Tank Farm Manager and is responsible for the purchasing control, inventory and distribution of all parts for the Maintenance Department.

Maintenance Supervisor(s):
Reports directly to the Maintenance/Tank Farm Manager and is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of maintenance personnel, fueling vehicles and tank farm/fuel system operations. Conducts maintenance safety and training classes, instructs technicians utilizing on-the-job training, ensure all maintenance and quality control records and are in compliance with ATA 103 and airline specifications. Duties also include inventory control and procurement of all Into-Plane and Tank Farm replacement parts.

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