Tank FarmFor over 50 years, Allied Aviation has provided fuel facility M&O services at major airports throughout North America and has acted as project manager and consultant for fuel facility projects across America, Latin America, Canada and Europe.

We are fully aware of the procedures, starting from the pipeline or tank truck receipt point into storage facilities and onto aircraft. Scheduling and receiving fuel via pipeline or tank truck is part of our service at many locations we operate.

Inventory of received fuel is verified at the inbound meter, which is calibrated periodically by a certified third party. We are capable of accounting for all required documentation and inventory records that any airport, airline, local agencies, governments, and/or oil company requires. Inventory in the storage tanks is verified through a perpetual inventory.

Quality control tests during and after delivery include filter membrane tests, entrained water tests, specific gravity tests, WSIM’s and other quality control procedures as needed to ensure the fuel is aircraft acceptable.

Tank FarmAllied pays strict attention to the OSHA and EPA requirements affecting fuel storage and distribution. Intense training programs have been developed by Allied Aviation to ensure that our employees always conduct themselves in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.


Below are some of the many procedures and training that constitute Allied Aviation fuel storage services are performed at a typical airport tank farm. However, each tank farm operation will involve a great deal of training in addition to what is listed below.

  • Pump Motor Shutdown
  • Filter Changes
  • Water Slug Test
  • Pumping Station Inspections
  • Loading Rack PM
  • Installing Flexipolics
  • Use Truck Sheets and Fuel Tickets
  • Procedure for Returning Recyclable Fuel
  • Fuel Samples
  • Deactivating Recycle System
  • Pump Seal Replacement
  • Monitoring Storm Water Facility
  • Rebuilding Water Slug Control Valve
  • Sump Fuel
  • Drop Pressure on Filter Vessel
  • Gauging Procedure
  • Types of Fuel
  • Tank Truck Procedure
  • Pipeline Receiving
  • Fuel Spills
  • Sumping White Bucket Test - Storage Tank - Filter Separator
  • Hydrokit
  • Filter Differential Readings
  • Aqua-Glo Test
  • Fire Extinguisher Check - Instructions for Use
  • Foam System - Types of Foam - Instructions for Use

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