Allied Aviation History at DCA:

DCA1950 Allied Aviation has been the provider of into-plane fueling, management of the tank farm and associated fueling system, ground equipment fueling, ground equipment maintenance and various other aviation support needs at Washington National Airport since 1950.

 In 1994 a new fuel storage facility became operational that was developed by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA)the airlines serving the airport and Allied had an integral part in the design, development, construction, testing and operation of the new fuel system. The system became fully operational in mid 1997 when the hydrant distribution system was activated in conjunction with the new airport terminal. These were upgrades needed to accommodate increased airport activity as well as to meet the demands of the airlines. The new fuel system quadrupled the airport capacity from the vintage 1941 fuel storage facility.

DCATankerAllied’s management staff both at the corporate and local level has been thoroughly involved in every fueling related project undertaken at National Airport.

DCATrucksAllied’s tank farm operation was singled out by the federal Aviation Administration at its Annual Safety Conference in Hershey, PA in March 1987, with the prestigious FAA/DOT Safety Award never before given to anyone outside the Department of Transportation. In addition, Allied has been consistently cited by airport, airline and FAA quality assurance representatives for the outstanding performance in tank farm operation and quality control efforts.

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