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Allied Aviation History at YUL:

YULStation In 1961 Allied (known as CAFAS in Montreal which is an acronym for a previous company named Consolidated Aviation Fueling)was awarded the contract to provide fuel storage management and operations as well as into-plane fueling services at what is now known as P. E. Trudeau Airport formally known as Dorval International Airport. The airport at that time had a small fuel facility that was supplied by tanker trucks 24 hours a day to keep up with demand. In 1970, a new fuel facility was opened at a remote site on the airport that accomplished two things; it increased the capacity of the fuel system by over 200% and the new facility was supplied by pipeline that eliminated the labor intensive receipt of fuel by tanker. CAFAS provided project management and financing to construct the new facility.

YUL History Dorval International Airport has played an important role in the history of Trans-Atlantic aviation. During World War II, Dorval served as a major transit point for departures to Great Britain from North America. Thousands of allied aircraft passed through Dorval on the way to England, to help with the war effort, under the authority of the famous Ferry Command. During the post war boom, Dorval Airport became a major gateway for millions of travelers and immigrants into Canada and indeed North America.

YUL History CAFAS continues to assist in the development of Trudeau. In 1997, the Airport Authority (ADM) started construction on a master plan to increase the capacity of the airport with the shift of passenger flights from Montreal’s Mirabel Airport. The plan which encompasses extensions and renovations to the existing terminal areas, new customs and FIS areas. In addition, new fuel lines and the associated fueling infrastructure needed to be constructed which CAFAS provided project management services.

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